Standard security envelope with adhesive security tape

Product description: 
These disposable, water resistant security envelopes are produced with adhesive security tape. All attempts of tampering (thermal, chemical and mechanical) become evident by visible markings on the security tape.
After tampering with cold air the tape displays “STOP/OPENED” text; hot air visibly dissolves black line on the security tape.
  • Every security envelope has an individual serial number, a corresponding bar code and control receipts with these information.
  • There is user guide (see photo) on one side. The other side has the serial numbers, the barcode and the writing areas printed with a white base.
  • The side seams are overprinted with microprintings wich makes mechanical tampering visible. 
  • Customized versions are also available above certain quantity. 
  • Recommended for valuables, confidential documents, cash handling, cheque handling, courier services and Cash-in-Transit.

Material: COEX LDPE, non transparent, greyish white surface, black inner side


Standard sizes:
B5 180 x 260 mm
B4 255 x 360 mm
C3 325 x 460 mm
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